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Weekend Workout II Bundle

3 themes – 1 intensive weekend – immediate access to all three workshops! The Weekend Workout II (Pro Level) includes the Reading Book and immediate access to three workshops so you can spend your free time with an intense training and with improving your drumming! (of course, you decide yourself which days of the week you want to declare "the weekend")
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Price: €9.90

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Accents 3

Great material for fillins!!! Snare/Tom-Accents upside down – but don't let it mess with your ears.

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Find and play all the stickings you've ever dreamed of. And please don't kill me for not mentioning Moeller in the video - yes, it is after all the technique we are talking about!

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Discover the beat 7

Technically this is the Swing-pattern you are playing with your right hand. Though in this case it's a binary feel. Sounds great and promises a lot of fun.