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Weekend Workout I Bundle

3 themes – 1 intensive weekend – immediate access to all three workshops! The Weekend Workout I (Mid Level) includes the Reading Book and immediate access to three workshops so you can spend your free time with an intense training and with improving your drumming! (of course, you decide yourself which days of the week you want to declare "the weekend")
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Price: €9.90

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Quarter Notes

Your coordination will make a big step with this one. Playing the quarter notes around the drumset will sound like a storm when you've reached a certain tempo.

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16ths RLRL

This groove is based on single strokes and accents. Always a ear- and eye-catcher! The first workshop of this series includes a general explanatory introduction to the Backbeat Groove system.

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Triplets & Quarter Notes

Ravel's Bolero showed us what it means to combine these two rhythmic components. This is your entry to the world of triplets.