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Around the drumset

Price: €18.00

Bundle includes 10 Workshops --> "Around the drumset" will help you creating a strong foundation. With this exercise-mix you will be training all the physical and intellectual aspects you need in order to be a drumset hero. Well, if you are a complete beginner, this is not the workshop bundle you want to subscribe for. If you need a nice and powerfull "warmup" for beginners, please check my workshop-bundle on udemy "Natürlich Schlagzeug":

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Academy Full Abo

Price: €89.00

The full treatment + 1x Reading Book Download / / / WOHOOO! We will provide you with challenging and motivating drum material. We will help you to activate all levels of your musical and technical drum skills. New workshops and additional material will be released for you in regular terms.

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Free Workshops Bundle

Free Bundle

3x Video 3x PDF 1x Reading Book Trial Download / / / With these 3 free workshops you'll get an idea what it is like to study with the drumcode. Like in the regular workshops you get your pdf, the video and your most important resource: the Reading Book! Only difference - it's free. So try it out and see if you are ready to conquer new land.