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3x Video 3x PDF 1x Reading Book Trial Download / / / With these 3 free workshops you'll get an idea what it is like to study with the drumcode. Like in the regular workshops you get your pdf, the video and your most important resource: the Reading Book! Only difference - it's free. So try it out and see if you are ready to conquer new land.
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6/8 Groove with Backbeat

The 6/8 groove with backbeat is an often required standard groove for many ballads or bluesy songs. Although it's kind of easy to approach, it still has a special attraction and its finesse lies in the deep.

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Accents 1

What would life be without its ups and downs? Right, boring! The same rule applies to music. In this workshop you get started with the most dramatic way of dynamics: the wide field of playing accents. This right here, my friends, is the foundation and the pilot of a long and glorious story to come.

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Triplet Fillins III "RLL+FRL"

The coordination between hands and feet, the use of your whole body in one flowing motion - you can never get enough of this! This sticking in combination with the bassdrum is a real drum-dance-training and sounds great used as fillin. Start at a medium tempo and set no limit to the topspeed.