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Double Bass I Bundle

4x Video 4x PDF 1x Reading Book Download / / / Your two Bass Drum pedals want to be treated right. Four workshops open the gate to power, speed, control and lovely sound on your biggest drum.
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Price: €8.00

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Double Bass: Constant 16th Notes

Get to know your pedals and make them work for you in a smoth and relaxed way. If you think about Double Bass playing, 16th-single strokes are one of the first things every drummer should have in his pocket.

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Double Bass: 16th and 8th Notes I

Combining different rhythmic patterns with your feet while playing a constant groove with your hands on top trains you for the real-life-doublebass-situations.

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Double Bass: 16th and 8th Notes II

This time we play a quarter-note-groove on top of the double bass storm. More space, more need of stability, more options for the meter.

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Double Bass: Triplets & Quarter Notes

After you`ve mastered this exercise triplets will never be able to harm you again. The quarters are the true companions for this mission.