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7x Video 7x PDF 1x Reading Book Download / / / These exercises are essential for all beginners and most surprising for advanced players, as it's always challenging to obduct your skills from scratch. The mission is to establish a strong pulse and a solid foundation for all things to come in the world of rhythmic independence. The seven workshops in this bundle build upon each other. Your voice will be an important part of the process!
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Discover the beat 1

You use your voice to develop a strong pulse. Both beginners and professionals are challenged here. It's a big step towards a strong rhythmic understanding.

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Discover the beat 2

Still working with the same rhythmic subdivisions we now start adding different sounds on top.

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Discover the beat 3

"Two-limbs-independence" starts right here. One hand is playing a constant pattern while the other hand or a foot is playing something else.

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Discover the beat 4

Play quarter notes with one hand and loosen up the knots to the other limbs. This one is quite challenging because of all the space between the quarters.

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Discover the beat 5

Playing 8th notes with one hand while going nuts with the other is one of the most common things in the drummer world.

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Discover the beat 6

The constant pattern on the HiHat sounds a bit like fusion and funk and the exercise really stretches your independence.

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Discover the beat 7

Technically this is the Swing-pattern you are playing with your right hand. Though in this case it's a binary feel. Sounds great and promises a lot of fun.