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Backbeat/Backbeatzone Bundle

6x Video 6x PDF 1x Reading Book Download / / / This is a groove concept with six workshops that work for many, many styles.
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Price: €12.00

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16ths RLRL

This groove is based on single strokes and accents. Always a ear- and eye-catcher! The first workshop of this series includes a general explanatory introduction to the Backbeat Groove system.

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8th Notes Groove

Yes, this is the groove everybody wants to master. Look into it deeply because the whole world knows what it sounds like when it's played good. And the world also recognises when it's played not so good :)

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The Shuffle Groove

You'll just love to shuffle these drums. This groove is a companion for life.

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16ths RRRR

It just sounds funky, even when you play it real slow. This one trains your right hand and opens your mind for the backbeat-system.

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Quarter Note Groove

Slow and heavy, fast and easy. The space inbetween the quarter notes may appear bigger than it actually is.

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Offbeat Groove

Off is top! Reggae, Ska, Disco, Funk,....just to name a few – the oofbeat groove is always a funky choice.