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Around The Drumset Bundle

7x Video 7x PDF 1x Reading Book Download / / / Seven workshops to train your technical and musical foundation on the drumset. Get to know your instrument better. There are no limits!
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Quarter Notes

Your coordination will make a big step with this one. Playing the quarter notes around the drumset will sound like a storm when you've reached a certain tempo.

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8th Notes and Quarter Notes

Double strokes and single strokes combined in a very simple way. You suddenly open up to your snare and the tomtoms.

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Accents 2: Toms

Bringing opposites like loud & soft in harmony is always a challenge. However, in the end it's the most natural way to create tension and relaxation. Before you jump into this workshop please check out "Accents 1" first. It's one of the "Free Workshops"!

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Triplets & Quarter Notes

Ravel's Bolero showed us what it means to combine these two rhythmic components. This is your entry to the world of triplets.

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To the Max 1

Playing both hands in unison provides you with a very powerful sound. Your wrists get a strong training to build up speed and power.

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Hand to Hand

The most natural technique to approach the drums. When you play "hand to hand" it always sounds and feels different. But nevertheless great! Speed will be no problem, it's the coordination that might give you a headache.

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To the Max 2

Switching the drums while still playing unison hands adds a quite special melodic component to the exercise. The next step is to add the Bassdrum between the beats and that finally burns the house.